The Jeffries Traditional Range continues to use the design and manufacturing technique developed by Jeffries in the late sixties. We begin by selecting the very best quality bridle butts from our leather dressers and curriers. Then our craftsmen use all their skill and expertise to create bridlework of which to be proud. Each piece of bridlework can be identified by its natural flesh coloured back, distinctive white stitching and original Havana coloured leather. The reason this concept was developed was to ensure only the best leather is used for the product, as the tinted flesh side would show any imperfection in the leather. This is a tradition that few manufacturers other than Jeffries continue today as it requires such a high level of skill in the preparation and selection of the leather. All saddlery sold in the traditional range is manufactured to exacting standards of quality and durability first laid down over fifty years ago. To maximize the longevity, safety and comfort of your saddlery, it is essential to clean it regularly with a natural fat based leather dressing, such as Jeffries Natural Leathercare.

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